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Johan Strydom is an Actuary turned entrepreneur. He became involved in the Wagyu industry in South Africa after identifying it as a potential disrupter in the beef industry in Africa and beyond. His aim is to increase the overall quality of beef in the market by using predictive analytics and expert veterinarians to identify the best genetics and making it available to the average beef farmer.
Many farmers believe the Wagyu industry is for elite farmers, but he believes every beef farmer can be a “Wagyu farmer” if they can have access to quality Wagyu bulls. By cross breeding with a quality Wagyu bull which genetically passes on his meat marbling qualities to his progeny, the average farmer immediately increases his meat quality to a premium level in the meat market. Johan’s mission is to identify and breed these bulls.
Prime Wagyu is a registered trademark of Strydom Prime Genetics (Pty) Ltd
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