All orders will now be delivered once weekly. Cut off time for orders will be Tuesdays at 15h00 for delivery on Thursdays!

Did you know?

All products sold on WagyuX are Certified Wagyu Beef and fully traceable…

Wagyu will be the first beef breed in South Africa to have full traceability of its animals throughout the whole value chain and registered through the Wagyu Certified Beef protocol.

All breeding animals will be DNA profiled, which will ensure the purity of the Wagyu breed and safeguard the breeders and their customers. This includes efforts to establish and ensure the integrity of its product.

The Animal Improvement Act of 1998 recognises the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSA) to be the custodian of the Wagyu breed in South Africa.

Accordingly, WSA has established the South African Certified Wagyu Beef Program (CWB) which aim it to ensure the integrity of the South African Wagyu beef supply chain and to assure the end customer of product reliability and quality.

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